Anti Lock

If your brakes are squealing, fading, pulsing, require pumping to stop your car, or just don't slow your car down properly, please bring your car into our shop and let us diagnose the problem. The braking system is one of your car's most important safety features. If your brakes work poorly or fail completely you are likely to have an accident and could be seriously injured or killed.

We will inspect your brakes for wear. Sometimes the rotors or drums are damaged because the brake pads or shoes haven't been replaced when they wore out, so it is important to inspect and maintain your brakes regularly. We recommend brake inspections about every 30,000 miles.

We will repair any brake problems that you authorize. Usually we just replace worn brake pads or shoes, but sometimes we have to replace the rotors or drums too. If you join our Car Care Club we will inspect your brakes for free once a year, when you have your tires rotated. STATE INSPECTION